iiish is a niche perfume oil brand with prestigious occidental and oriental products for the youthful and sassy.
Radiate Happiness with IIISH.

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— Radiate Happiness


When last did you cause everyone around you to stop and stare? When even a proud person swallows his/her pride just to commend your fragrance?

If you like that sort of attention, then you’d love this. Pour Femme et Homme ( For Ladies and Gentlemen)

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You know that type of scent that makes you escape your consciousness and forget about all to life’s issues. That transcends you to a whole new level of *****.

That’s Addictish!!! Yeah you’d love it. It’s a bold statement. Pour Femme ( For Ladies )

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Do you see yourself as adventurous? One sniff and that’s it. That rush of euphoria, that temporary high, that flood of emotions, that burst of happiness. It’s a whole new world of its own.

Adventure into the world of “Gush” by iiish. Pour Femme ( For Ladies )

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